Viking Breakfast

My first game is a head-to-head runner. Play as two hungry vikings on a mission to eat chicken. Dodge houses and collect poultry to score points. The high score after one minute wins! Play it now.

Wow! What a week. From the start, the process was challenging, exciting, and frightening. So, let's examine how we ended up with Viking Breakfast:
The prompt was "Destroy All Lands". Naturally, I started making a list of things known for large-scale destruction: Kaiju, nukes, wars... barbarians! The initial idea hatched quickly: you would play as a viking, maraud across the land, and destroy things to earn points.

Early Concept Art

But the idea seemed more fun with two players. For two people to share a keyboard, their controls need to be extremely simple. This game could only implement the most necessary action: movement. But how can the player destroy landscapes without an attack button?

That's where the chickens come in. What if you destroyed a farm via eating it? It was a silly idea, and helped explain the lack of combat.

Viking Breakfast was inspired by titles like Robot Unicorn Attack and Cookie Run, which combine quirky art with run-and-dodge gameplay. I'm hoping to capture some of that charm, and put my own two-player twist on it.

So, give it a play and let me know what you think!

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