Generating Game Ideas

When I invented Game Bootcamp, I was daunted by the task of designing so many unique games. Then I remembered something Mark Rosewater, head designer of Magic: The Gathering, wrote:
The key to being more creative is learning how to use randomness as a tool. [...] When I'm trying to design new cards and I'm stumped, I like to give myself random challenges. Design a card inspired by a donut. Design a card that doesn't have the letter "e" in its text. Design a card that would make sense if the Mona Lisa was the art. What this does is force me to approach the problem from a vantage point I've never had before. While not every solution is golden, it does free me up to think about the problem in a whole new way.

Mark is also the man who originally inspired me to pursue game design as a career. So, in honor of MaRo, I'm going to base my first game off of a random Magic card. I reached into my box and pulled out the card Armageddon. (For those of you unwilling to click the link, it says "Destroy all lands")

Wow, that's a bad-ass phrase! And a great starting point for this week's game. Tune in next Thursday to see the result.

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