Welcome to Boot Camp

And I'm on a mission. I plan to make a new game every week for an entire year. I want to push my creativity (and sanity) to the breaking point. New content will be posted every Thursday by 11:59 PM pst. 

The Origins of Game Boot Camp:
This project has two main inspirations. The first is Noah's Art Camp. Noah Bradley is an incredibly talented artist who hosts a twelve-week long painting program. I've attended twice and both times were great. He showed me how much I could achieve by keeping my nose to the grindstone. Second, I teach a game design course at Digital Media Academy. My students work in teams and produce simple games over one or two weeks. I'm always impressed by their creativity, especially under such tight deadlines.

Game Boot Camp feels like the natural extension of everything I've done up to this point. I hope to have a fun year developing, playing, and learning just what makes games tick. So, let's get to work!

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