A Sneak Peak At My Next Game

Hello Bootcampers, allow me to introduce Shave 'Em Up! The beard-blasting, barbershop hack-and-chop extravaganza.

This is probably my silliest idea to date. It's also the most ambitious, with multiple game modes and characters to balance. For that reason, I've decided to take this game into overtime. Shave 'Em Up will be released next Friday, August 1st.

As a special bonus for following this blog (and being so patient), you'll get a secret promo code. Enter the word BOOTCAMP into the game to unlock bonus content! I'll see you all next Thursday. Until then, keep your beards tidy!

1 comment:

  1. Your games are the best i have ever encountered for a very long time, thanks you in advance for the promo code that will be a bonus to fellows who are glued to your blog. Cheers!