New Game — Genesis

Genesis is my first attempt at a narrative game. It's better experienced than described, so what're you waiting for? Get to it! Play it now.

Okay, so you really want me to describe it. I'd call Genesis a minimalist, biblically inspired art-game. So pretentious sounding! This game is something completely outside of my normal comfort zone. When it comes to game-making, I drift towards straightforward, arcade games with a quirky twist. So, how did I end up making something so far out?

It all started two months ago when I was working on a little game called "Fishtank". It involved cells eating other cells and multiplying into newer more complex forms. The game was never finished, and eventually I lost the files to corruption. This week, I thought it would be a good idea to take a second crack at it. But as development progressed, I found myself dissatisfied with the complex organisms. They worked, but something about their shapes were less beautiful than the simplicity of a square. They were somehow less... divine.

That's when it hit me: this game shouldn't be about scoring points. Something about the simple graphics, rhythmic motions, and calming music put me in a philosophical mindset. I was thinking of the story of Adam and Eve and the story of Pandora’s Box. I think a game designer is something like the gods in those stories, and the players are the rebellious mortals. If I put a black dot on screen and tell the player “Do Not Touch”, they’re going to touch it.

I was also thinking of a "loss of innocence". SPOILER: The first Pink square is playful and whimsical, even though it was born from disobedience. The Green swarm is energetic and disorienting. Then, the Black squares devour the Green, and eventually infect you. In the end, you’re eating Fruits of Knowledge left and right, and it doesn’t even feel like disobedience anymore. That’s when “god” returns. In a very literal way, the game was set up for you to fail. That’s why I added the “I forgive you” message at the end.

What does it all mean? I don’t know. There isn’t a clear statement I was trying to make with Genesis. It’s more like a series of abstract feelings and ideas, squished together into a 5 minute experience. That being said, I can't tell if it's any good. Please, let me know!


  1. Oh man. I wasn’t expecting to have fun with this one. But you got me and I think it’s a great experience. I love those tiny games. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Eddy! I'm glad I could make something that surprised you :)