New Game — Sweep Miner

Uh oh! A group of kids got themselves lost in a mine full of landmines! Use your memory and wits to navigate through the mineshafts and save the minors. This game is a collaboration with my brother, the CynicSama. Play it now.

New Collaborations, New Deadlines

I'm here to announce some exciting news: in the coming months, I'll be working with other artists, designers, and coders to produce Game Bootcamp's first ever collaborations! We're talking bigger, better games. I'll explain the details when the time comes, but until then: get pumped!

Secondly, I'll be switching Game Bootcamp over to a bi-weekly schedule. When I first started this site, I never imagined the games would become so popular. I'm extremely thankful to all my viewers and players! Ensuring that every game lives up to the Mike Salyh Quality Standard requires I spend a bit more time on each game. So... new game every two weeks!

Lastly, I want to give a shout-out to Wolve of Wolve's Weekly. He makes weekly games, and they're awesome. If you like what I do, you have to check his games out. That concludes today's announcements! ;-)

Shave Time!

Are you the funkiest barber in town? Use your shaving cream, razor, and brush to give the perfect cut. As a special bonus for following this blog, you've earned the secret code. Enter the word BOOTCAMP into the game to unlock a secret character. Play it now.