New Game — Sweep Miner

Uh oh! A group of kids got themselves lost in a mine full of landmines! Use your memory and wits to navigate through the mineshafts and save the minors. This game is a collaboration with my brother, the CynicSama. Play it now.

Sweep Miner is Game Bootcamp's first ever collaboration! It all started last Friday, when my brother visited me in California. I told him I was looking for new game ideas. Without missing a beat, he proposed this game. It was such a good idea that I dropped everything and asked him to work on it with me. Just like that, a team was formed! I programmed and animated, he handled the level design and mechanics. Together, we created Sweep Miner in a frantic week.

Sweep Miner is what I'd call a "memory attack" game, a genre that lives and dies by its level design. I'm not the most creative level designer, so I'm always looking for collaborators to help me out. I think this week will be the first of several successful collabs. If you want to work on a game together, send me a message!

(If you're wondering about that Icarus game I mentioned last week, I've decided to postpone it. I'd like to see if the original jam team is interested in returning for the project.)