Knight After Knight

"Help the good Knights across the river. Drown the villainous Vikings!"
This game is a collaboration with the nefarious Ryan Sandvik

Huzzah! Knight After Knight is Game Bootcamp's first venture into the world of 3-D. It's also our second collaboration. Break out the mutton and mead! Play it now.

Folks, it's no secret: I've always had a tumultuous relationship with the third dimension. Whats the matter 3-D? Two axis not good enough for you? Well today, I've put aside my grudge made a game with Unity3D. And the process was... very pleasant!

When tackling a new medium, it's important to do it "scientifically". I wanted to make a game that would let me explore the engine without getting too bogged down with game design. I suggested we do another Game & Watch remake (astute viewers may have already noticed this is a remake of Manhole). Ryan suggested we flavor it like a medieval puppet-show, and I was instantly sold.

In fact, working with Unity3D was so pleasant, I expect I'll be doing it again soon. Want to see more games like this in the future? Post a comment below!

Until next time, keep your knights hoppin'!

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  1. An amazing video again. I always enjoy watching your videos since they give me a good laugh. Looking forward to seeing the next video you will make.