2015 Update

Greetings Bootcampers! It's been a while since my last post. How is everybody?

It's 2015, and I'm going to be running this blog a little differently this year. First off, I want to make it more reflective and idea-based. In addition to games, I plan on posting my thoughts and writings on things game-related. I promise this won't turn into a boring diary. Pinky promise.

Secondly, I have a personal announcement to make.
As of January, I've working full-time as a game designer for Disney Imagicademy, which produces educational games for children ages 3-7. If you've got a kid in that age range, I highly recommend checking it out!

That keeps me pretty busy these days. It also means that I'm learning a lot about iOS development, big studio workings, and other such mysteries. I can't say how that will affect my personal work yet, but I'm brewing up some ideas as we speak...

How To Cook Everything

"How To Cook Everything - A game for terrible chefs."

How To Cook Everything is the single-player version of my Global Game Jam project, produced in collaboration with fellow game makers Pierce McBride and Ryan Sandvik! Play it now.