Jontron: Bird vs. Camel

Ech! Popular game reviewer and all-around swood guy Jontron is under attack by a horde of evil camels! Can you defend him? You may have seen this game featured on Markiplier's YouTube channel! Right now, I'm blushing like sempai noticed me. Play it now.

First off, if anyone doesn't know who Jontron is, go fix that. I'll wait.

Jon has been one of my favorite YouTube personalities for a long time, so when the chance arose to make a Jontron-related game, I sprung at the opportunity.

Some backstory: In May, Jon reviewed an old Star Wars game on the Atari, which looked more like a bird fighting a camel than any Star Wars we've ever seen. A few months later, Schmoyoho (the Songify the News guys) made a remix of that video. My game is based on Schmo's song, based on Jon's review, based on an old game, based on The Empire Strikes Back. Wow, that's confusing!

I faced two big constrains while developing this game. The first was time. Like everything on the internet, buzz only lasts a few weeks. I had to get this game out while Schmoyoho's song was still fresh on everyone's mind. That left me with three weeks to go from concept to delivery. For such a tight timeline, I'm proud of the level of polish I achieved. That's not to say it's perfect though: the waves could have used better balancing, and I would have loved to make a special endboss. C'est la vie.

The second restriction was the mechanics. I knew that whatever I did had to play like the old Atari game. So, I kept the core mechanic in place, and focused on creating zany enemies. Mechano-camel? Missile camel? All sorts of crazy camels! My personal favorite is the SWAT-Camel: how is he holding that shield!?

UPDATE: Super-handsome-and-swell-dude Markiplier made a let's play of this game! Wow! Jon, Schmo, and Markiplier are all wrapped up in this mess now. Am I famous yet?

Thanks for reading everybody! Until next time, Bootcamp is dismissed.

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  1. It is an enhanced version of the an old game. It seems interesting and good. Camels being the villain and may be also a positive character is played by the camel. Thank you for the review.