Spy Cookout

"Your mission, should you choose to accept it: find the location of the Independence Day barbecue bash!"

Every year, my friend Ryan and I host an Independence Day cookout. We decided to up the ante last year, and turn our invitations into an experiential puzzle. Presenting, Spy Cookout.

Backstory: I really want to design an escape room. So far, I haven't found a financially responsible way to do that . In the meantime, I've been messing with other types of physical puzzles.

The outside of the invitation

If I couldn't create a room full of puzzles, could I send the puzzles to players instead?

The instructions

The answer was obviously: yes! Ryan and I enciphered the location of the party into a spy-themed package, and sent a copy to fifteen friends. The results were spy-tastic.

Top Secret Spy ID
Photo negative, with mysterious playing card suits.
A handsome man holding a book of ciphers.
...And all this stuff too!

We designed the puzzles to be easy enough for everyone to solve. (I don't want my guests missing the party!) But somehow, we forgot to take a group photo of everyone gathered together. Any real spy would say -- "That's intelligence gathering 101!"

Maybe I'm not cut out for the covert life after all.

-Spymaster Mike

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  1. Starts off sounding like something about Mission impossible, however, soon turns more comical and amusing. The pictures are nice but the content needs a bit of work.